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Inaport adds GoldMine relationship tree building capability

Updated Fed 2010 – this feature has avctully been released for many months – the post heading said was in BETA.

GoldMine has an often overlooked feature – the ability to build relationships between contacts using a tree structure. This tree can be completely free format. For example, the tree might holds companies, sorted into states, and then by department or function; see screen shot:

Example GoldMine relationship tree

Example GoldMine relationship tree

The difficulty with building and maintaining these trees is that it is a manual process; each node and contact has to be manually created. If a contact changes their status (for example, Michael Jones moves from NY to MI), the tree has to be manually updated. This makes it very difficult to maintain consistent and accurate data in the long term, meaning that the trees become an under utilized resource.

Some years ago, Inaport had functionality to build the GoldMine relationship trees, and this proved very popular with many customers. Unfortunately, when version 6.0 was built the functionality was dropped because of some implementation difficulties.

We are proud to announce that the functionality is back, and better than before. Using this, you will be able to:

  1. Build a model of the relationship tree you need
  2. Preview the model in inaport before building
  3. Automatically build the tree in GoldMine,and rebuild on demand – either scheduled or as required.

This functionality dramatically improves the usability of the relationship tree in GoldMine. Using it, you can automate trees such as the illustration above, with trees built for every company in the database, and contacts sorted into State and Department under the company. The trees can then be rebuilt on demand, as contact informaiton is updated.

Because Inaport allows you to use a SQL statement that can query any table or combination of tables in GoldMine, you can build relationship trees on information in other tables; for example:

  • build a tree based on the Details tab; all companies with orders > $10,000
  • build a tree based on Opportunities.

If you would like to work with the new relationship builder, please contact support.



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