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Inaport for Microsoft Dynamics CRM released

Inaport for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been released.

This build has full support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.x, both on-premise and hosted, and can be used to:

  • import into any entity or set of entities, with full matching (including fuzzy matching)
  • migrate legacy systems such as ACT! or GoldMine
  • integrate with other enterprise systems such as Accounting or ERP

The adapter supports advanced features such as:

  • run SQL queries against the Dynamics system during import;
  • populate pick list fields from incoming values if not already there;
  • optionally, automatically add a field to entities for storing an import id for matching.

Of course, the complete set of Inaport features are available: automation, logging, error handling, preview of data before import, and many more.

Integration with a legacy Oracle ERP system

A US based supplier of medical supplies and products for care at home has a legacy Oracle based system for holding patient and product information. Sales representatives needed to access as many as 20 screens to gather patient information, current product usage, and health insurance status.

An InaPlex reseller implemented a new Dynamics CRM system that integrates all information into a single system for the sales and marketing team.

Inaport is being used both for initial load of patient data from the legacy system, and for regular import and update of all the patient, product, therapy, insurance, physician and product data from the Oracle system. Key features of the integration include:

  • Scheduled unattended updates of the Dynamics system.
  • Matching and deleting records that are no longer current.
  • Updating new custom entities in Dynamics CRM that hold the specialised information.
  • On the fly handling of dirty and missing data
  • Selective updating of fields only if the incoming value is different – allows triggering workflow only when the incoming data has changed.

Migration: GoldMine to Dynamics CRM

Inaport is being used to migrate a heavily customised GoldMine system to an even more heavily customised Dynamics CRM system.

The end user is a financial services organisation with many years of history in their GoldMine system. Having reached the limits of what they can achieve with GoldMine, they have implemented Dynamics CRM, customised with third party enhancements specific to their industry sector. This involved adding many new custom entities to Dynamics.

Inaport is being used to migrate all their company, contact, history and relationship data from GoldMine to Dynamics CRM. Maintaining relationship information (links between “head of household” and “household members” for example) is of paramount importance,and is made possible by Inaport’s ability to do dynamics SQL queries on the Dynamics CRM system, and also handle complex matching critreia.

 If you have any questions about Inaport for Dynamics CRM, please visit our we site or contact

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