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Building GoldMine relationship trees with Inaport

Guest blogger Gail Darling of leading GoldMine partner infoSpectrum describes how she used Inaport to automatically build and update GoldMine relationship trees for a manufacturing customer. Relationship trees are very useful to provide navigation around complex account/contact structures, but they can be difficult to set up and maintain. Over to Gail…

InfoSpectrum’s client had a problem. It was using GoldMine to manage clients and the sales process, but was finding it difficult to view customers from an account perspective.

A leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, antigens and critical assay reagents, this client’s customer base includes many large organizations with contacts in different locations. Being able to view activities and relationships from a customer account perspective is imperative for winning and maintaining business. The solution lay with Inaport’s Relationship Builder.

InfoSpectrum, a GoldMine Partner with more than ten years of experience in GoldMine implementation and training, regularly uses Inaport to integrate ERP data with GoldMine. Their client was already using Inaport to automatically transfer order details from the IBM iSeries mainframe to GoldMine, and infoSpectrum decided to extend its use to building and maintaining Relationship Trees.

The first step in Inaport was to define a Relationship Tree based on Company (identified by a Master ID) and then Territory and Location. Individual contacts appear in the tree in their correct location. Maintenance of relationships is automatically handled by Inaport each night, reflecting new records and changes made during the day. The screen shot below shows a small portion of the resulting tree (customer details obscured):

Building GoldMine Relationship Trees

Customers Relationship Tree

Gail Darling, who managed the project for InfoSpectrum, was impressed with how quickly  the entire project was completed and found several Inaport features particularly helpful.  “The ability to preview newly built Relationship Trees before updating the live system is tremendously useful and makes a potentially complex exercise far more straightforward. I can’t imagine building and maintaining these relationship trees in GoldMine without the use of Inaport.”

The client is very happy with the results and now has an account-centric view of prospects that fits with its sales approach and is maintained automatically and transparently.

Inaport has been used to meet a range of requirements for the client – ERP integration, status updating and relationship management – and is available to assist with further data management tasks as they arise.

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