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Integrated Sage1000 and SageCRM upgrade using Inaport

“It would easily have taken me 10 times longer to create SQL scripts to do this migration without Inaport.”

– Richard Race-Lyons, Leverage Technologies


Leverage Technologies is an award winning Sage and SAP Partner with tremendous experience in implementing Sage ERP and accounting solutions.

 The Company has been supporting Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 since 2005 and has delivered a wide range of client solutions throughout Australia, including implementation services, training, project management, technical development, report writing, support and general consultancy. Richard Race-Lyons, a consultant with the Company, shares with us his first experience with using Inaport for a CRM upgrade.

Leverage Technologies has significant upgrade experience, and I’ve personally upgraded many Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000 clients, however in this instance the upgrade included Sage CRM.

My client, a leading large manufacturer, had an integrated ERP1000 and Sage CRM system; I was upgrading them from ERP V2.2 to V4.0, and Sage CRM V6.2 to Sage CRM V7.3. The Sage procedure for upgrading the ERP system does not upgrade the related CRM data, and my client had 6 years of addresses, people and other CRM data to move across.

Due to tight integration between the old Sage CRM and Sage 1000 systems, the CRM data had been generated from the ERP database using ERP generated IDs. This meant that the internal ID in the old CRM system was completely different to the ID in the new CRM system. All linking IDs had to be updated to reflect the correct relationships between entities in the new ERP and CRM systems.

We looked at ways to make the CRM transition easier, and the Inaport tool, which included customised scripts, was the obvious choice for this. The standard migration scripts to re-map fields and ID’s needed some ‘tweaking’ to cater for our client’s specific needs, however this was simple and quick to do.

We also had to invest some time at the outset to ensure that the scripts would work for this particular migration, and Inaport’s excellent control over record imports and error handling really helped get this right. Once the final scripts were completed, running them in a test and live environment was straight forward. Throughout, InaPlex provided very fast and helpful support.

It would easily have taken me 10 times longer to create SQL scripts to do this migration, and I thoroughly recommend the Inaport product.

Inaport, from InaPlex, delivers CRM integration and data migration solutions for leading CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM, Infor CRM (previously Saleslogix), Goldmine and ACT. It has a range of connectors and maps for quick results, and its straightforward approach provides a wealth of powerful functions. To learn more please book a free webinar, download a free 30 day evaluation license, or visit the InaPlex website.


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