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Posts from the ‘CRM Migration’ Category

How to Migrate to a New CRM System: A User Guide

This post looks at how to avoid the challenges associated with migrating to a new CRM system.

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Integrated Sage1000 and SageCRM upgrade using Inaport

Richard Race-Lyons, a consultant with Leverage Technologies, shares with us his first experience with using Inaport for a CRM upgrade.

“It would easily have taken me 10 times longer to create SQL scripts to do this migration without Inaport.”

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GoldMine to Salesforce Migrations

InaPlex has just released a GoldMine to Salesforce migration pack.

These maps are free, and provide a comprehensive migration for a standard GoldMine to a standard Salesforce system.

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Ensuring a Successful Migration from ACT to Sage CRM

Migrating from ACT to Sage CRM can be difficult and expensive: client data is extremely valuable and a shoddy migration will cost considerable time and money. With over a decade of experience in migrating to Sage CRM, InaPlex has firsthand knowledge of the sorts of problems that arise and how they can be dealt with. This guide provides a summary of the major issues that need to be addressed to ensure a successful migration.

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GoldMine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Post III: Migrating Customer Details

This Post is the third in a series of four about migrating from GoldMine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It details system preparation and migrating contact details, including email and web addresses. The final post will step through the process of migrating activities, history, emails, attachments and opportunities.

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GoldMine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Post II: Project Management of CRM Migrations

Migrating GoldMine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM) presents a range of challenges. This second post, in a series of four, focuses on the Project Management of CRM migrations. Drawing on extensive experience in this field, David Evans, CTO InaPlex, presents some key factors to consider when managing a migration project.

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GoldMine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Post I: Typical Migration Challenges

Migrating GoldMine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM (MS CRM) presents a range of challenges. This series of 4 blog posts shows how to go about overcoming the pain typically associated with GoldMine Migrations.

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Migrate GoldMine Email and Web Addresses

This post examines some detailed issues around migrating email and web addresses from GoldMine, and provides examples of create SQL queries to address them. For free consulting to advise on your requirements please email InaPlex.

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Extending Inaport – Adding Your own Functions

This post summarizes how to add your own code for use in the Inaport environment for CRM integration and migration projects.

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Migrate ACT! to Microsoft CRM 2011 Online – Part 1

There have been a number of requests from partners and customers for assistance on migrating ACT! databases to Microsoft CRM 2011, both on premise and online. InaPlex has a lot of experience with migrating ACT databases, as we developed the Sage Migrator product for Sage, which has been extensively used to migrate ACT and GoldMine databases to SageCRM and SalesLogix.

InaPlex has a complete set of profiles available for migrating a standard ACT! version 11 or 12 database to CRM 2011. This series of posts will walk through the process of doing such a migration.

  • This first post covers preparation, and importing Account and Contact data
  • The second post will cover importing Opportunities
  • The third post will cover Activities and History.
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