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Get More from CRM with Marketing Automation and Social Media

Today, more than ever, CRM needs to connect with other systems: This post explores the gains to be made from integrating CRM with Marketing Automation and Social Media.

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How to Succeed in CRM Integration and Migration: Database Reverse Engineering

Moving data to CRM systems - for a migration or ongoing integration - can involve poorly defined databases. This blog shows you how to reverse engineer a database for successful transfer of data to the CRM system.

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Five Steps to Ensure the Best Integration Approach for Marketing Automation and CRM

How do you decide on the best way to integrate your marketing automation and CRM systems? In this post David Evans, InaPlex CEO, shares our approach.

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21 Widely Used Data Integration Terms

Take a look at our business friendly definitions of 21 widely used CRM Data Integration terms.

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Selecting a CRM Integration Solution

CRM Integration can be complex and demanding. This document looks at integration challenges, and the types of functions needed to overcome them.

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How well do you really know the Marketing Automation market?

The marketing automation industry is growing so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of its uptake, benefits and challenges. That’s why we’ve put together this QUIZ, “How well do you really know the marketing automation market?”, which is chock full of statistics. Whether you’re new to the technology, or want to refresh your memory on the state of marketing automation today, we’re sure you’ll find our QUIZ informative and fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for a CRM Migration

Read on for a list of FAQs for companies looking to migrate their CRM data.

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How to Migrate to a New CRM System: A User Guide

This post looks at how to avoid the challenges associated with migrating to a new CRM system.

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CRM Integration and Migration in One Challenging Project

ERM Consulting recently managed a challenging CRM and ERP integration and data migration project for imc Meßsysteme GmbH. This post describes the challenges and how they were overcome, as well as the role Inaport played in delivering a successful solution.

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Lead Allocation for Marketing Automation

This Post looks at the use of Inaport for automating lead allocation for a large Software Provider. This Company captures hundreds of leads per day from the web via their marketing automation platform, Eloqua, and distributes them across more than 40 sales people, split into several teams and territories. This project removed the need for a full-time person to allocate leads and introduced a more accurate, timely and balanced work load across the sales teams.

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