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Posts tagged ‘Automated Lead Routing’

Five Steps to Ensure the Best Integration Approach for Marketing Automation and CRM

How do you decide on the best way to integrate your marketing automation and CRM systems? In this post David Evans, InaPlex CEO, shares our approach.

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Lead Allocation for Marketing Automation

This Post looks at the use of Inaport for automating lead allocation for a large Software Provider. This Company captures hundreds of leads per day from the web via their marketing automation platform, Eloqua, and distributes them across more than 40 sales people, split into several teams and territories. This project removed the need for a full-time person to allocate leads and introduced a more accurate, timely and balanced work load across the sales teams.

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Inaport Release V8.0

As of September 2015 Inaport V8.0 is the current software version. New users, and users with valid Software Assurance, can download this software at any time for no charge from our website.

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