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Data Quality with Dr Peter Aiken

A couple of years ago, InaPlex did a joint presentation on Data Quality with Dr Peter Aiken of Data Blueprint ( Dr Aiken is President of DAMA, associate professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University, and founding director of Data Blueprint. More importantly, he is an interesing and very well informed speaker on the topics of data quality and data architecture.

Dr Aiken is running a series of talks on various topics; details on an upcoming talk below.

Topic: Data Modeling & Data Development

April 13, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

This presentation provides an understanding of the data modeling/data development data management component. Participants will understand how the analysis, design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of data solutions should be done in order to maximize the value of the enterprise data resources and activities. Architecting in quality is imperative at this level and complements a subset of project activities within the system development lifecycle (SDLC) focused on defining data requirements, designing the data solution components, and implementing these components. Participants will understand the difficulties organizations experience when interacting with a data development effort and how best to incorporate efforts into specific data projects.

Check the Data Blueprint website for more information and for a detailed schedule of upcoming training:

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