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Protect Your Clients from Unexpected CRM Upgrade Costs

Minimizing the costs and risks of upgrading their CRM system is desirable for most companies. If your clients (or your company) are moving to a new CRM version, the latest version of Inaport will be compatible with it (assuming it is an Inaport supported CRM system), and can be downloaded if you have current Software Assurance.

Unlike its competitors, Inaport’s Software Assurance fees are not seat based; they are simply a proportion of the current list price, making annual Software Assurance affordable. We’ve had large companies purchase Inaport, redo all integration profiles, and still pay less than they owed for just one year of maintenance with an alternative product. Annual Inaport Software Assurance fees are very reasonable.

Inaport is constantly enhanced with new features and performance improvements, so new versions are always worth having. Given the benefits and low fees, why do some companies let their annual renewal lapse?  It is largely the result of a lack of information or oversight; some users are not aware of the renewal process, and others put it on the “back-burner” because they believe they have no immediate need.

Lapsed Software Assurance can become a problem when the Inaport user is changing servers, wants to upgrade to the latest version of their CRM system, or needs a new function or fix from a more recent Inaport release. If Software Assurance has expired the client needs to pay both outstanding fees and the annual renewal fees to bring it up-to-date. For long lapses, this can mount up quickly for the user.

To avoid unexpected Software Assurance “surprises”, encourage your clients to keep annual renewals current. Partners get margin on renewals so there is some compensation for time spent on this. More important, however, it allows your clients to budget, avoid unforeseen costs, and always be in a position to get the most out of their Inaport investment.

For details of the Software Assurance status for an Inaport user that you support, email If you would like to learn more about the latest Inaport release, click here to book a free webinar.

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