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Mobile App Development – a Practical Guide at eXtreme CRM

Thinking about developing mobile applications for Microsoft CRM?

David Evans will show you how to go about it in his practical session “Developing Mobile Applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM” at eXtremeCRM on October 7, 2:30pm.

David will present some of the key issues and decisions to be made in the development of mobile apps. He will demonstrate a simple application developed for Windows 8 and compare it with an equivalent app for Android, then discuss key differences between the two development environments, including issues involved in moving from one development paradigm to the other.

To close out the session, a distinguished panel of experts will offer up their opinions and commentary on developing for the mobile world, as well as answer questions from the audience.

To help attendees get started on their own development, InaPlex will be giving away an unlocked windows phone, so don’t forget to bring along a business card to enter for the draw at the end of the session.

David Evans, CTO InaPlex, is the main technical force behind InaPlex, developer of the market leading CRM ETL product Inaport.

Inaport, from InaPlex, delivers CRM integration and data migration solutions for leading CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM, Infor CRM (previously Saleslogix), Goldmine and ACT. It has a range of connectors and maps for quick results, and its straightforward approach provides a wealth of powerful functions. To learn more please book a free webinar, download a free 30 day evaluation license, or visit the InaPlex website.

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